“Bacon & Butter” W-Concave Implants

W-Concave is a unique concave feature that provides a raised bump in the center of a deck which allows for better foot support of the arch, increased leveraging and grip positions or a point of reference/tactile feedback. W-Concave Implants allow you to place material in comfortable position on almost any deck, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of “W”, even if your board wasn’t originally designed with it.


6mm tall x 1″ x 5″


SKU: baconbutter


Our cripsy and fresh Bacon W Concave is fresh from our farm Lab, providing a unique shape for increased tactile feedback. Bacon W makes it easy to keep track of foot placement with it’s distinct points of reference, and concave’d footholds.


Our Butter W concave is aptly named because it’s shaped like a mostly-melted stick of butter. Mellow enough to step on all day long, while maintaining a steep enough profile to press your foot against.



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Dimensions 5 x 1 x .25 in


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