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“Being our first design, the prototype Gravos v.1 was a 1″ double drop deck that started with a whopping 9 layers of maple, and measuring at 40″ x 10″, it was a good start to learn about the board building process and the pitfalls of board design. In fact, the original shape of the Gravos was lost forever after a flash drive was accidentally removed before final edits were made. Remarkably, we were able to redesign the entire thing from memory, and press our first deck with concave.”

Gravos v.2 serves as a much needed upgrade to our original board technology and design philosophy. Instead of Higgs tech, Gravos v.2 will make it’s debut featuring our brand new construction currently dubbed “Project D”. In addition, Gravos v.2 will have updated concave, featuring new drops and footpockets that allow more more efficient use of the standing platform. With sturdy and affordable construction, we hope to finally return Gravos to it’s rightful place on our quiver”. – Shawn, December 2017



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