The 3310


The 3310 is a quiver killing, double kicked, and versatile longboard, that can handle virtually any challenge you throw in it’s way!

Thanks to the 3310’s double kicktails and comfortable pre-kicks getting over curbs has never been easier. The board’s pop keeps you agile, and the semi-steep tub concave gives you control and grip during slides, or while you’re tucking.

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Wheelbase: 23″

Length: 40″

Width: 10″

The 3310’s length packs in plenty of features from full sized kick tails with pre-kicks to wheel flares and wheel wells – without too small of a wheelbase. With a 23 inch wheelbase, the board feels nimble and smooth rather than large and unwieldy. 10 inches at the widest with a gentle taper, means that you’ll have plenty of space for larger feet, with plenty of places to lock in.


Our specialized graphic designed by Shawn Jones and Ashley Perez is protected by our fiberglass. Using dyed epoxy, we are able to incorporate our art directly into the board’s architecture, merging form and function. Glow in the dark pigment mixed in during the process silhouettes the tentacles as if they were bio-luminescent. Using translucent epoxy dyes, we recreate deep sea-waters as the background of the board.

*2018 Quality of Life Update*

We have successfully digitally remastered the original hand drawn/hand painted version of

“It Came From The Depths”

This graphic is now readily available, printed and laminated under 2 sheets of fiberglass with more consistent detail than ever before.

Remastered by: Elise Tapia

Function and Design


With intelligent design, our boards are meant to be an extension of the rider. With features like wheel flares, and footpockets clearly mapped out and pressed into the concave, you will have no problems finding exactly where to place your feet. Inspired by street skating, we debut a full sized kicktail with unique concave features.



The 3310 has semi-aggressive tub concave, that’s more mellow where you need comfort, while providing multiple points of contact for your feet. Footpockets form a cup for your feet between the wheel wells and the outer edges of the pre-kicks. The 3310 is rotated in it’s mould after each of it’s 4 presses, creating a perfectly symmetrical press.

Featuring pressed in wheel flares, the 3310 provides both board feel and wheel clearance. Footpockets let you lock in during tucks and provide excellent tactile feedback. The 3310 leverages it’s simple shape with rider-centric design.

Kicktails and Pre-Kicks

Each kicktail is composed of two parts. The first part, is what we call a “pre-kick” that is at a 5 degree angle. The second part of the kicktail begins at the end of the “pre-kick” and is angled at 10 degrees. This gives the full kicktail a final angle of 15 degrees, giving you an easy to find and comfortable sweet spot. Our technique gives you the perfect angle to conquer high curbs and tight turns while city slashing, or by making your kickflips and ollies cleaner than ever before.


A traditional 7-ply hybrid construction with a single Bamboo Core and six layers of Canadian Maple – Our construction features two sheets of fiberglass laminated over your graphic for additional strength in tension while providing excellent abrasion resistance, UV resistance, and water resistance. As of 2019 all of our decks are pressed with industrial grade adhesives, and a locally poured water-based epoxy and still made in-house.

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