The 805


The 805 is the companion deck to the 3310! Designed to be a nimble single-kicked, street conquering, mountain slaying, beast. With pressed in wheel flares, and the full sized Kicktail/Pre-Kick combo you know and love from the 3310. Designed to be affordable and versatile, The 805 is sure to impress with it’s California inspired pop, semi-steep tub concave gives you plenty of tactile feedback, and control.

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36” x 10”

23″ Wheelbase

Pressed Wheel Flares

Full sized Kicktail



Designed by Jenney Martinez

This art piece was commissioned to be a personification of our hometown. While at times a difficult and seemingly small environment –

I have found the people to be as sweet and refreshingly tart as the strawberries that our community is so proud to produce.

Let this artwork be a testament to the talent of our overlooked youth that patiently stoke the flames of passion, until inspiration finally demands their action.

Function and Design

Heavily influenced by it’s parent board, The 805 brings a fresh remix of the 3310’s best features, in a smaller package! Semi-steep concave blends into functional wheel wells, bringing you excellent tactile feedback, clearance, and leverage. Our Prekick/Kicktail style is expressed through a rounder single kicktail, perfect for getting the most pop out of your deck.




The 805 has familiar concave, with a stubby nose and mellower concave where you need a bit of room and comfort. With pressed wheel flares, and and gentle lines, you always have the perfect spot for your feet. With a relatively compact size, The 805 can be a downhill missile.

Kicktail and Pre-Kick

The kicktail is composed of two parts. The first part, is what we call a “pre-kick” that is at a 5 degree angle. The second part of the kicktail begins at the end of the “pre-kick” and is angled at 10 degrees. This gives the full kicktail a final angle of 15 degrees, giving you an easy to find and comfortable sweet spot. Our technique gives you the perfect angle, to conquer high curbs and tight turns while city slashing, or by making your kickflips and ollies cleaner than ever before.



Vibration Normalizing Flushmounts

Made from recycled cork and cast urethane reinforced with a 3D printed insert, this unique and first of it’s kind truck mount, ensures that holes are drilled perfectly spaced and straight throughout the whole process. Once cast over with our urethane and the ends of the screw holes are sealed on the top of the deck with our epoxy, these truck mounts are ready to slightly reduce shock and vibration, while preventing water damage and making pressure cracks a thing of the past!

Available In:


Tested, traditional 7-ply hybrid construction with a single Bamboo Core and six layers of Canadian Maple – our construction features two additional sheets of fiberglass laminated over your graphic for additional strength in tension while providing excellent abrasion resistance, UV resistance, and water resistance. As of 2019 all of our decks are pressed with industrial grade adhesives, and a locally poured water-based epoxy and still made in-house.

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